Our mission

We built Qub to help everyone create better QR code experiences. Here’s why. 

Hi! We are Jeffrey and Angus – small business owners & designers with a passion for ethical, purposeful design.  

In 2020 we launched Light Soy, a playful lamp designed to raise awareness of packaging waste & stop ocean plastic.

We make Light Soy from certified recycled ocean-bound plastic & fund plastic cleanups in regions most affected by ocean pollution.

Light Soy was a big hit. We’ve sold Light Soy in over 30 countries and won a Gold Good Design Award too!

We had a dream run of media coverage, with stories in Dezeen, the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, Vogue Living, Elle Magazine, Apartment Therapy and many, many more. We run all our own PR, Facebook ads, social media and website.

We’ve met so many inspiring, talented, creative and brilliant people just like us, running their own small businesses and sharing their creativity with the world. 

We learned that our story and unique brand personality is the most valuable asset that small businesses have.

When we tell our story well and give customers great experiences, we reach our goals – and exceed them.

But we had a problem…

While it was easy to create great content on the web and social, it was hard to extend that brand experience into the real world on packaging and signs. Printing is expensive, time consuming, hard to track and incredibly wasteful…

QR codes were an obvious way to move as much of our content into the digital realm as possible and reduce cost and waste. 

But – QR codes are rarely used in a way that gives customers an exceptional, mobile-friendly experience.

Most QR codes are an after-thought, linking to a homepage, or pages with walls of text and elements that aren’t well suited to users on their phones – which is exactly the context people scan QR codes in!

We knew there had to be a better way.

Our solution is simple, but powerful: video QR codes.

We’ve combined the engaging and mobile-friendly short form videos that audiences love on TikTok and Instagram, with QR codes, in an easy-to-use and elegant way.

It’s a user-friendly way to add video content anywhere in the real world, to tell stories, connect with people and link the real and digital worlds.

With Qub you can add links & apps below the video too, so you can connect your entire digital ecosystem with each QR code. This is great for user experience, and great for selling more things.

For small businesses, retaining and nurturing existing customers is key to long-term success, and Qub video QR codes are an excellent way to inform, engage & build trust with your audience.

We think businesses, creators and individuals around the world will love using Qub to tell their story & grow their brand – without it costing the earth. 

If you want to create great QR code experiences, download Qub today. Once you see how useful video QR codes can be, you’ll start seeing uses for them everywhere! 


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