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How to Reach Your Goals with a Great Call to Action

A great call to action can keep your viewers engaged with your content, and help you achieve your marketing and business goals. But what is a call to action, how do you choose which ones to use, and what are some great call to action ideas for video QR codes? In this post we uncover all these mysteries, and more.


What is a call to action?

A call to action, or CTA, is a visual and/or worded invitation to a user or viewer to take a specified action. It’s the ‘next step’ in the process of navigating a site, or interacting with a brand.

CTAs often take the form of buttons or links, but they can also be a worded instruction within a video, like when a creators asks you to ‘comment, like and subscribe’.

Every CTA should be carefully chosen to encourage users to take the next step, and reach a goal for the brand.

CTAs are everywhere on the web, in apps, content and marketing. Every time you click on a ‘Subscribe’, ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Join now’ button, you’re using a CTA that was designed to get your to take another action with a brand.

You can’t grow your follower count, email list or online sales without CTAs, and if you create highly effective CTAs, you’ll see your followers & sales skyrocket.



Why are CTAs important?

CTAs are a key way that users and audiences navigate their way around brand websites and content. Calls to action give users a sense of what’s next, what is important, and a sense of direction or flow.

When you create clear CTAs that align with a users’ needs and goals, you create a better experience for users, and are more likely to achieve your goals.

CTAs also show the user what actions and options are available to them, and entice them to take actions they might otherwise forget to take or not know are possible.

When you maintain consistent use of CTAs in your content, you keep users engaged because there’s always something more they can do to engage with your content and brand.

It keeps the conversation going and builds relationships and trust between you and your users or viewers.

But most of all, in a world full of things competing for people’s attention, calls to action are essential for pushing users towards your goals.



Tips for CTAs in video QR codes

Video QR codes are a great way to connect real places and objects to digital content in an engaging and mobile-friendly way. Because QR codes are perfect for connecting physical to digital, they are a great opportunity to add CTAs and encourage users to take actions they otherwise might not have taken in your digital marketing funnel.

For example, a video QR code placed on product packaging is a perfect opportunity to ask for user generated content and product reviews.

There are two kinds of CTAs for QR codes:

One is the call to action placed beside the code, for example ‘Scan Me!’. Download our Free QR code frame template here

However, in this post we’re looking at CTAs on and around the video.

Here are some key things to consider when planning your video QR code CTAs:


Know your strategy and goals

A call to action is an invitation to take a step that achieves one of your business goals, so it makes sense to know what those goals are in advance.

Consider where in the user journey your content will be seen – what actions do you want a user to take at this stage?

While your overall goal for your brand might be to grow sales, or reach 1 million followers, small steps towards that bigger goal can be more effective.

For example, you might find users are unlikely to re-purchase a product from you immediately after buying it, but they are likely to leave a positive review. You can use this positive review to convince new customers.



Make CTAs clear & add value

Your call to action should be clear and convey a sense of value to the user. Use enticing and emotive language to encourage action. For example, don’t just say ‘Subscribe’, say ‘Join the Club’.



Have a sense of urgency

Adding urgency to CTAs is a great way to encourage action. This could be in the form of a limited time offer, a limited amount of the offer available or similar.



Be creative

Be creative with your CTAs. Explain how you’re going to make a users’ life better, then put that into the CTA. So instead of ‘Subscribe’ you could say ‘Get Life-Changing Emails’.



Don’t overwhelm people

Choice paralysis is a phenomenon where people struggle to make decisions because they’re overwhelmed with options. It can lead to feeling confused and dissatisfied with any choice, and giving up. This is the one thing we don’t we want to happen.

Aim to limit your CTAs to a few key actions, or even better just one.

We recommend using no more than 3 calls to action in your video QR codes, and ideally fewer. In general, the more focused and targeted your content and CTA, the better.




How to make CTAs in video QR codes

Once you’ve decided which actions you want a user to take, and how you’re going to drive them, it’s time to put them into practice.

Video QR codes are very similar to short form videos like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Usually, creators will place their CTAs towards the end of the video, with more links and information below the video in the description.

Qub video QR codes are specifically designed for creators and brands that want to re-engage real-world customers with their digital content. With Qub, you can add links & apps below the video to connect viewers to your digital ecosystem and reach your goals.

Here are some tips for adding CTAs to video QR codes:

  • Tell users what actions to take next
  • Point below the video in a fun way
  • Use titles and graphics to add interest
  • Use engaging and creative language on the buttons
  • Use emojis to draw attention




Call to Action Ideas for Video QR codes

Follow on social

Add links to your social media accounts. Qub’s social accounts feature lets you add social icons for many popular services right below your content.

Tell your viewers to follow you on social media in your video, and gesture to the bottom of the screen.



Get email subscribers

Add a link to your email subscribe form and ask viewers to sign up. A great way to get more subscribers is to add an incentive to sign up, like a 10% off voucher for new subscribers.

A great tip for getting more email subscribers is to tell viewers in your video what they can expect to get in their inbox. For example:

‘Subscribe to my emails for inspiring stories and special offers’



Contact us

Add a link to the contact form on your website, and invite users to get in touch if they need any help or have any questions.

Adding a contact link to your video QR codes shows to users that you care about their experience.



Messenger / live chat

Many chat services, for example Facebook Messenger, have a direct link function that you can add to your video QR code. By tapping the link, users can start chatting with you right away – perfect for those quick questions.

How to get your Facebook Messenger Link


Share a Product

Add a link to product on your online store and direct users to it. This can be a great CTA if you want users to purchase a product online after seeing it in-store, in advertising or on signage.



Link to a Category or Collection

You might want a user to check out an entire category of your products or services. Adding a link to the category with a call to action like ‘Shop the Range’ or ‘Check out related products’ can encourage customers to buy from you again.



Get subscriptions

If you run a business with a paid subscription, encouraging new sign-ups is a priority. You can encourage new signups from your video QR codes by linking directly to the subscribe function on your online store.



Re-purchase link

If your video QR code is on a product or in your packaging, consider adding a CTA to quickly re-purchase the product. Many ecommerce platforms, like Shopify and Woocommerce, let you create pre-filled cart links that you can add below your video. When a user taps the CTA, they will go straight to the checkout process for the product you select.



Coupons, Sales and Promotions

Link to a sale, promotion or coupon code page and drive users there with a sense of urgency like ‘Don’t miss our sale’



App download

Create a direct link to the app store and encourage users to download.



File download

If you have files that users might want to download, for example an ebook or product manual, adding them as a CTA on your video QR code is convenient and shows you care about their experience with your brand.



Calendar / Booking link

Want to get more meetings? Add a scheduling / booking link directly below your video and encourage viewers to use it. Use your video to introduce yourself and build trust, so the call to action to meet is more likely to convert.



Payment link

Collecting payments? Add the link as a CTA on your video QR code. Use your video to explain what you are collecting payments for and build trust with the customer.



Sign up link

If you’re trying to grow user registrations, adding a CTA to sign up, with a link directly to your signup page is simple and convenient. Use your video to show what value you will provide to users who sign up.



FAQs / Help Center

If customers have questions about their products or your services, you can direct them to your FAQs or Help Center.

Simply add the link and they’ll be able to find the answers they’re looking for and have a positive experience without you needing to assist them.



Ask for reviews

Reviews are a great way to increase your conversion rate and sell more through your site. Each review is a piece of ‘social proof’ that others use as a signal that they can trust you and trust that your products will be right for them.

Asking for reviews on video QR codes on your packaging or products makes sense, because you know customers have your product right in front of them and they’re more likely to act in that moment.

Find the link to your product review form on your website, Google or Facebook, and add it as a CTA below your video.


Get user-generated content

If users are watching your video QR code, there’s a very high chance they are holding their phone in their hand. It’s the perfect time to ask them for photos & videos of them unboxing and enjoying your product.

User-generated content, or UGC, like this is insanely valuable to businesses, because it builds social proof that your business is reputable, your products are of good quality and work, and it is also content you can share and use in your marketing.

Add a call to action like ‘Share your Photos & Videos’ and link to a form or email address to get user content sent straight to you. Make sure to get express permission to use the content on your social media, ads and website.


Get form submissions

If you’re gathering user info, like leads, you can link to a form, for example on Google Forms or Typeform, and ask users to fill it out.


Get survey submissions

Add a call to action for users to complete a survey and link to the survey. Remember users are likely to be on their phone, so keep the survey short & ensure it’s mobile-friendly.



Get feedback

This is similar to forms and surveys, but specifically about gathering feedback and insights on your products and business to help you improve your offering.


Create video QR codes with Qub

You can create video QR codes quickly and easily with Qub, an app designed specifically to help small business create video QR codes. With interactive links and apps below the video to drive actions, Qub video QR codes let you connect product and places with your digital marketing funnel. Improve customer experience, boost sales and grow your business.

Download Qub to create your first video QR code today. It’s free, easy and optimised for reaching your business goals.

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