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QR Code Frame Templates – Free Download

The key to getting more scans on your QR codes is to have a great call to action and frame around the code. 

We’ve created a template with 7 different QR code call to action frames that will convince anyone to scan. Click the buttons below to access the template in the format you need: 

Important tips

Make sure you test your QR code with a number of different phones and scanners before printing large quantities of the code. 


Why should you add a frame to QR codes? 

A QR code can link anywhere, so it’s important to give people an idea of what the code is for and what to expect when they scan the code. A QR code frame should grab people’s attention and entice people to scan. 


What is the minimum size for a QR code?

QR codes need to be large enough for accurate scanning. If the code is too small, detail might be lost during printing, or phone camera might not be able to ‘see’ enough detail to scan the code.

The minimum size of a QR code will depend on the quality of your printer (or screen), but a good rule of thumb is that codes should never be smaller than

Minimum Size Metric: 20mm / 2cm
Minimum Size Imperial: 3/4 inch


Do QR codes need a white background? 

No, QR codes don’t need a white background. However, the code needs to have a high contrast, meaning the code needs to be much darker than the area surrounding it.

A black code on a white background has the highest contrast possible, so it is the most reliable colour for QR codes to scan.

A good rule of thumb is the contrast ratio (the difference between the brightness of the dark and light parts of the code) should never be below 4:1, meaning the dark part is 4 times darker than the light part.

In practice, if you keep the code as dark as you can, and the background as light as you can, your code will scan.


Can QR codes be colourful?

Yes QR codes can be colourful – they don’t have to be black and white!

However, it’s important that there is enough contrast between the code and the background so it can be ‘seen’ by the scanner. See the section above for more detail. 



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