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8 Video QR Code Ideas for Small Business

QR codes are a great way to link physical objects with the digital world. They’re convenient and easy to use – simply scan a code with your phone camera, and you’re immediately taken to a digital experience.

The convenience of QR codes and their mobile-friendly nature make them useful for small businesses that want to promote their brand and products, because they quickly connect customers with digital content.

Why use video QR codes?

It’s important when creating a QR code to think about where, when and how your customer will interact with the code, and to ensure it is as mobile-friendly as possible – because QR codes are almost always used on mobile devices.

Short-form videos, like those found on TikTok and Instagram reels, are a great format for mobile devices: they’re easy to use (no need to navigate a page – you just watch them!), they’re easy to create and they’re engaging for mobile users. You can create video QR codes easily using the Qub app.

Here are eight clever ways you can use video QR codes to engage customers and promote your small business.

Introduce yourself on business cards

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Everyone has a business card. It’s the first thing we create when we’re planning a career move, side-hustle or new business.

We all want our business cards to leave a good impression and reflect our unique personality and values.

With a video QR code on your business card, you can create a personal video introduction that puts a face to the name and explains who you are and what you stand for.

Here’s a template for a video business card:

  1. Say hi!
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Say what you do & why you do it
  4. How to stay connected, e.g. “Follow me on Twitter & LinkedIn”
  5. How to get in touch, e.g. “Email or call anytime”

With Qub, you can also add links and socials to your page, to keep the connection going.


Calls to Action for your video business card:

  • Link to your website
  • Add your Social Profiles, like LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Contact email (add ‘mailto:’ in front of your email to create an email link e.g. ‘’)
  • Contact phone (add ‘tel:’ in front to create a phone link e.g. ‘tel:+15155005’)
  • Add a link to Calendly or other appointment booking app
  • Google Maps link to your location so people can instantly get driving directions

Tell your brand story on signage & packaging

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Signage and packaging are the perfect place to explain who you are and what value you provide, and begin creating a brand experience.

Adding video QR codes to your signage and packaging gives you an opportunity to show your brand story with engaging video and an authentic, personal touch.

Video makes it easy to give customers a sense of what your business is all about, and a sneak peek at your products and services in action.

Ideas for video QR codes on signs and packaging:

  • Introduce customers to the people behind the brand
  • Introduce and explain your products and services
  • Show your products and services in action
  • Show how your products are made
  • Show how your products work
  • Explain your ethos, values and mission
  • Create a ‘sizzle reel’ or eye-catching trailer to get people wanting more

Thank customers on package inserts

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Adding thank you personal messages and branded content to your unboxing will create a better brand experience for your customers, leading to brand loyalty and higher customer retention. This is key for growing sales and increasing profitability.

Add a video QR code to your thank you cards, and create a video message thanking customers and telling them more about your brand and products.

Here’s a short outline for a video thank you message:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Thank the customer for their purchase and tell them what impact they have had
  3. Tell them more about your mission, values and advantages
  4. Ask them to take another action

Use the opportunity to encourage customers to take another action that will help to grow your business.

Call to Actions to add to thank you videos:

  • Leave a review on your site or on Google
  • Share with friends & family
  • Share user generated content with you to use on your own social channels
  • Sign up to a subscription or repeat purchase plan
  • Purchase accessories, upsells and cross-sells

Share information about products on the packaging

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Let’s admit it, most people do judge a book by its cover.

Great packaging can drive customers to purchase, and give them a great unboxing experience after they have purchased.

Great packaging design and content will:

  • Entice the customer to look closer
  • Tell the customer who it’s for, both subtly and overtly
  • Explain what the product is: what it does, what problem it solves, what makes it special
  • Convey a sense of the product’s value: is it great value, or a luxury item?
  • Create a brand association

For many products, the story of the product and the brand behind the product will be a key factor in a customer’s decision to purchase.

Adding a video QR code to your packaging gives you an opportunity to tell the product’s story, show how it works and entice the customer to buy.

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Here are some ideas for a video QR code you can add to your packaging:

  • Show how the product was made with a ‘behind the scenes’ video
  • Show the product unboxing
  • Show the product up close
  • Show how the product works
  • Give more information about the product, for example if the product is coffee beans, you could add tasing notes for that particular coffee or the story of a particular growing region.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell other products in your range with a video recommendation

Share information and updates with regular customers

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If you are running a subscription business, or have repeat customers, you can use video QR codes to keep customers updated and informed about your business or your latest box.

Here are some ideas for video QR codes you can use for recurring customers and subscriptions:

  • Add Subscription box notes, for example telling the customer what is in their box this month
  • Announce new products or services
  • Share video updates from the team, like introducing new team members

Add video how-to and tutorials to your products

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Part of giving customers a great experience is making sure they get the best use out of your products.

One way to create an engaging and useful how-to guide or product tutorial is to use a video QR code.

Here are some ideas for how-to guide and tutorial video QR codes:

  • Create a video assembly guide, showing your customer how to put together your product
  • A how to use video guide, with helpful video ‘tips and tricks’ you might need to get the most out of your product
  • Simple care and cleaning guides, to help customers use your product correctly
  • An explainer video of when your product should be used, for example if you are a skincare brand you might explain a full skincare routine that includes your product.

Networking and relationship building

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Everyone likes to feel special, and a big part of networking and influencing others is making people feel valued and appreciated.

A great way to achieve this is with a personalised message, like a physical note or card that shows you truly appreciate them and went out of your way to show it.


Here are some ways you can use video QR codes to build and nurture relationships:

  • Send a thank you card with a personalised video message to a customer or connection
  • Create a video introduction to include with a cover letter
  • Add a personal video message to event invitations


What to include in a short video thank you message:

  1. Say hi!
  2. Say thanks!
  3. Then, be specific about what you are thanking the person for
  4. State how their contribution has helped you

Hopefully you have found these ideas for video QR codes helpful. QR codes are a great tool for small brands and marketers to have in their toolkit, and when used in a strategic way can have a huge impact. Video QR codes are a new and creative way to stand out and create special experiences that others will remember.

Download Qub to easily create video QR codes

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You can create video QR codes quickly and easily using our app, Qub. Creating is as simple as generating a code, shooting your video and sharing the code. Download the app and see what video QR codes can do for your business.

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